Past Winners & Rowers

 Behold the mighty rowers who braved the North Atlantic in 2017

2017 Rowers, top row, left to right: Kingman Brewster, Xena Huff, Kevin Foley, Susan Eaton, Sarah Greene, Joe Greene, Simone Lilly, Kevin Purchase, Allison Jones, Neil Greene, Sivella Marshall, Allan Dwyer. Bottom row, left to right: Donna Connors, Adam van Koeverden, Kyran Dwyer, Fraser Carpenter, Pearl Cobb, Melvin Cobb, Krista Dlugosch, Marcel Penton.


2017 Winners

Winning Teams & Times

  1. Kevin Purchase & Simone Lilly                               48:33                 Punt Builder: Heber Saunders
  2. Allison Jones & Neil Greene                                    49:51                 Punt Builder: Lambert Greene
  3. Joe Greene & Sarah Greene                                    54:09                 Punt Builder: Lambert Greene
  4. Pearl Cobb & Melvin Cobb                                      56:54                  Punt Builder: Frank Combden
  5. Marcel Penton & Krista Dlugoosch                        59:30                  Punt Builder: Arthur Hurley
  6. Sivella Marshall & Allan Dwyer                              1:00:27                Punt Builder: Melvin Combden
  7. Kevin Foley & Susan Eaton                                     1:04:21                 Punt Builder: Aidan Penton
  8. Fraser Carpenter & Kyran Dwyer                           1:06:05                Punt Builder: Frank Lane
  9. Adam van Koeverden & Donna Connors              1:06:14                 Punt Builder: Dave Diamond
  10. Xena Huff & Kingman Brewster                              1:08:34                Punt Builder: Jim Edwards